Presentation - Stéphanie Malossane
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Stéphanie Malossane explores the superposition of times, memories, places, light and radiance, subtle thoughts, portraits like passing birds, reflection and feeling as a meditative background.
She has been developing unique works mixing techniques such as oil painting, digital painting, historical and contemporary photographic printing processes.
Her recent work experiments with the “Inner” exploring the therapeutic virtues of mineral stones. Indeed by the selection of specific mineral pigments, she is searching their capacities to respond to specific emotions and their impact on our feelings due to their chemical composition and their colour.
Some works are also visible in total obscurity by phosphorescence and show a different universe invisible during the day.
Stéphanie aspires to go beyond visible and tangible and to create works suggesting peace.


2017 : 7 Factory, Paris Artistes, Paris, France
2017 : Collective exhibition Sans titre. Atelier Rochebrune, Paris, France
2016 : Winner of special prize « Suspended times ». International exhibition. Korean Society of Design and Science, Séoul, South Korea
2015: « Dans la vague du temps suspendu » Solo exhibition, Galerie Art et Plus, Paris, France
2013« Flou quantique » Solo exhibition, Chapelle Saint François, Lesneven, Finistère, France.
2012 : « Fil du temps » Solo exhibition, Art dans les chapelles, Goulven, Finistère, France
2004: John Diversey Collection, Franck Lloyds Wright Great Workroom,WI, USA
2002: Commission, The Zéta Bar at The Hilton Hotel, Knightsbridge, London, United Kingdom
2001: Commission, The Royal Garden Hotel, Hong Kong
1999 : “Memory” solo exhibition. The Dolby Chadwick Gallery, San Francisco, USA
Since 2000: Contemporary Art fairs, England, France and Ireland.
1998: Commission, The W Hotel, New York, USA
1993 Masters Printed Textiles with distinction. Central Saint Martins. Solo exhibition « Mémoire »
The Crypt Gallery in Bloomsbury and London Print Gallery, London, United Kingdom